Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Creepy Victorian Advertisements You Have!

Advertisements are a fabulous way to learn about a time period and a culture. What do people want? What do people buy? What are people thinking? It's all in the ads. Get into the minds of Victorians by checking out what they looked at regularly. Ah, but alas, this is no normal blog and the below links are not for normal Victorian advertisements. We are focusing on bizarre! So click and become fascinated with the strange things on Victorian minds.

photo credit: clotho98 via photopin cc 

19th Century Drug Laden Medicinal Advertisements

Victorian Advertisements in Charles' Dicken's Novels including Invisible Hair Breathers and Spine Supports

Male Corsets, Big Booty Enhancers, Yeah It's Victorian!

Deformity Advertisements for False Limbs.
I Can't Vouch for Everything on This Pinterest Page but I want You Guys to See the Feminine Massage Ad at the Top. It's Real. I actually reference it in my novel.

Bonus: If You are Looking for Normal Victorian Ads. This site is about Victorian Ads in general and is Searchable. Nice!

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